Cryo-preserving in CryoStor?

I would like to know if i can cryo-preserve my cell line (AISC-0012) in CryoStorCS10 from StemCell Technologies (#07959).
Thank you


We have not tested long term storage in CryoStorCS10 from Stem Cell Technologies. We have only used CryoStor in our previous method of freezing clones for a short term storage (2 to 3 months at -80C). However, from my understanding when talking to a rep at Stem Cell Technologies at ISSCR last year I was told that you can use CryoStor for long term storage in LN2. I do have plans to test this in the future with our cells but have not done so. I would suggest if you do try to freeze the cells in CryoStor I would also have a back up bank frozen in the standard freeze media consisting of 60% mTeSR1 with 30% KSR, and 10% DMSO. I would suggest you do a side by side recovery to observe morphology and would also suggest checking the cells maintain a normal karyotype. I hope this helps answer your question and feel free to reach out for an further clarification.

Thank you for these clarifications. I will do some tests.
Good day to you.