Defrosting in 100mm dish


We recently received cells from your catalog and noticed the directions to thaw into a 100mm dish specifically and to NOT thaw into a 6 well plate.

Can you explain the decision behind this? As the cells are so valuable and fragile during the first few days until we are able to freeze down a few vials, we wanted to know why a 100mm dish as it is a fairly open dish that is more exposed.

Thank you!

Good morning,

We highly recommend you thaw onto 1x10 cm Matrigel coated dish because cells were frozen at 1x10e6/vial. If you were to thaw a vial onto a 6 well plate they would overgrow so that is not recommended. We perform vigorous quality control on all cell lines prior to distributing. Please refer to the images in the Certificate of Analysis for the specific cell line purchased. We image the cells 1 day post thaw and 3 days post thaw onto 1x10 cm plate from 1 vial of cells to validate their recovery. We also have a suggested seeding density in 10 cm plates for 3 and 4 day passages post thaw. Once thawed you could freeze some cells as a back up but it is also highly recommended to passage one time to freeze additional vials. Typically from 1x10 cm you should recover around 10 million cells so approximately 10 vials at 1M cells each. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.