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Neuronal differentiation of Allen lines

We would like to differentiate the #12 alpha tubulin and #16 beta actin tagged lines into neurons and hope that the tags nicely mark the cell body and projections.
Has anybody used either of these 2 tags for neuronal differentiation?

Dear @Claudia_Doege,
Thank you for reaching out.
Both AICS-0012 (TUBA1B-mEGFP) and AICS-0016 have been differentiated into brain organoids by the scientific community: Goranci-Buzhala et al (Rapid and Efficient Invasion Assay of Glioblastoma in Human Brain Organoids - PubMed) and Romero-Morales et al (Spin∞: an updated miniaturized spinning bioreactor design for the generation of human cerebral organoids from pluripotent stem cells - PubMed) have used AICS-0012 while Bachmann et al (Gene edited fluorescent cerebral organoids to study human brain function and disease) have used AICS-0016.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions.