Choice of lines for monitoring cardiac differentiation


We are are structuring some experiments to test efficiency of transfection during iPSC-CM differentiation stages and would like to use some line that expresses cardiac markers to facilitate the analysis. We are currently looking for markers that are expressed early (around day 6), day 10-14 and late from day 20. We were thinking about the following cell lines:

AICS-0075 cl.85 ACTN2
AICS-0052 cl.3 MYL7
AICS-0037 cl.172 TNNI2

Do you guys have any data to help us with the selection? Any tips are appreciated!


Thanks for your question. When we’ve differentiated those cell lines into cardiomyocytes on glass, we’re able to see expression of tagged protein in all 3 lines by day 6 (and have seen it as early as day 4). Although we haven’t specifically looked when differentiated on plastic, I would expect the timing to be about the same. Under normal culture conditions they should all remain expressed at high levels through Day 20.

Hope this helps, and please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer!
Becky Zaunbrecher
Differentiation Scientist
Allen Institute for Cell Science

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