Dilution of Matrigel : which media?

I have a doubt…
In the protocol version 1.7, I read that you have to dilute the Matrigel in DMEM/F12 to make the coating. But in paragraph 13 of the Passaging section, I understand that the Matrigel is prepared in mTeSR1 + Ri.
Can you please clarify this point?
Thank you in advance and have a nice day


You are correct, to make the coating you should dilute Matrigel in DMEM/F12! Paragraph 13 in the passaging section says “Matrigel-coated vessels cannot be re-used, so always seed cells onto fresh Matrigel coated vessels prepared with RT mTeSR1 + Ri.” This means that you should prepare your cell suspension solution in mTeSR1 + Ri and then should seed that cell solution onto a vessel coated with Matrigel (with the Matrigel diluted in DMEM/F12). I hope this helps, please reach out if you have any more questions!


Thanks a lot Jackie
This confirms what I thought was correct but in order not to compromise my cells I preferred to remove this doubt.
Good day to you

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