Matrigel vs geltrex

Hi, is it possible to replace matrigel with geltrex?

Hi Tiam,

This is possible. In fact, some in our lab are doing this right now due to inconsistencies in matrigel lots and production issues.

I would recommend an, “adjustment period” of a couple passages before performing experiments and/or differentiations. It would also be a good idea to verify pluripotency via IF or Flow (I personally like the BD sciences mouse/human pluripotency kit).


Have you had success with Geltrex for culturing and differentiating iPSC? There is massive backorder with matrigel and I would like to use Geltrex for my work. Any input is much appreciated.

Hi - as a related question, I wanted to know if people had any issues with using Geltrex during the initial thawing of any of vials received from Corriell? Do you get good survival and growth if this is the first matrix the cells get seeded on?