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Batch Processing Error


I am trying to batch process my images in the segmenter using the provided template and tutorial. I have followed all the instructions, however, when I try to execute the process I keep getting an error (see attached image). I would please like some assistance resolving this issue.



Hi Leonard,

Can you try again on a filepath with no space? In general, it would be better to keep your folder names and file names with no space.


Hi Jianxu,

I changed the path names and now when I try to execute the comman it says structure not found.


great! one problem solved! let’s look at this one.

Right now, my current implementation of the error message is not very mature, which needs to be improved in the next release.

The current message could be the results of two things. i will try to help figure it out.

(1) it looks like you have a new workflow called Actin. So, a file called is expected in the folder ‘structure_wrapper’, and a function call Workflow_Actin is expected in the file. The exact string ‘Actin’ is used as the key to identify all these things, so double-checking the string could help to make the file and the function do exist with the correct name

(2) if the above step shows no error, it could be some error in your maybe comment out all lines in the function and run that again and see if you still see the error. If the error is gone, it means some line has errors.

Let me know if i can help more.