Antibiotic resistance in WTC derived lines?

Do any of the cell lines have antibiotic resistance genes? I am interested in using Puromycin selection

AICS-36 and AICS-54 (safe harbor AAVS1 edits) have Puromycin resistance. CLYBL:dCas9 containing cell lines (AICS-89 and 90) have G418 resistance via 2A fusions to the endogenous genes at those safe harbor loci. Critically, however, we have never grown these cells under antibiotic selection. We did include these sequence elements to conform to standards in the field and to interrupt to endogenous genes so that all regulation would be of the inserted gene cassette, but we do not have evidence in the lab that they are confirmed as resistant. The intent is that they are, but if you confirm that in a lab setting we would love to know! Thank you