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Using Cell Segmenter on Cloud Server


I really love the Cell Segmenter but I want to start using the iterative deep learning workflow on my images. However, I only have access to a GPU on a remote computational cluster called Compute Canada. I was wondering if there was any plan to offer your segmenter on a Cloud service?

thanks for your interest. We do have a plan to offer cloud based service. The goal is to let those users who are not sure if they want to use deep learning and do not have access to any gpu to try out our segmenter before buying their own gpus. Eventually, if the users feel the deep learning tools are useful, they are still encouraged to have their own gpu (could be local machine, computing cluster, or cloud computing, etc.).

it seems like you already have access to some kind of cloud based gpu. if you just follow the installation guide on our github page, you should be able to start using it. Let us know if you have any issues or questions. We will do our best to help. But, because different computing environment may be set up or managed differntly at specific insitute, it may rquire some effort to get things all set up properly.