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You can always click on the Allen Cell Discussion Forum text link to get back to the Forum homepage.

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The “hamburger” menu

An icon made of 3 horizontal lines is called a “hamburger” menu. Clicking on this icon will give you access to more navigational elements. To the right of this menu icon your avatar, defaulted to your initial, that give you access to your account settings and messages.

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Quick Filters

Drop-down buttons containing lists of Categories & Tags can be used to limit (filter) the categories displayed. Click on either dropdown menu or start typing in a keyword to quick jump to existing Categories & Tags.
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Quick Links

Next to the filter buttons, you’ll find quick links - some might only be visible after you’ve become a forum user. These links allow you to change the way content is organized on the page to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.
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Organizational Terms

Here are a few terms you’d see often:

Post / Message

Smallest unit of a forum, created by users as an original post (OP) or as a response to other posts.


A group of messages/posts making up a meaningful conversation.

Category / Subcategory

A means to organizing topics by their content.

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A content-based keyword added to a topic to act as another means to organize and find topics. A topic can have multiple tags.

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Post Order

All messages/posts within a Topic are arranged in chronological order: original and older posts will be on top and later posts are added to the bottom of the conversation - navigated by page scrolling or by dragging the tab on the rightmost vertical timeline.

One can also click on the ‘last reply’ within the Topic summary to jump to the latest post.

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