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Plasmids for my lab?

Will the Allen Institute share the CRISPR sequences and plasmids that resulted in successful editing? If yes, what type of quality control do you do, and is the data accessible?

Yes! The CRISPR RNA (crRNA or gRNA) sequence used is listed in the “Editing Design” tab for each cell line in our Cell Catalog online (

Donor plasmids containing gene-specific homology arms, the fluorescent protein, and linker sequence (and selection cassette for silent genes), are also available through the “obtain donor plasmid” link on each cell line’s page in the Cell Catalog (same link as above). Or, you can browse all of our donor plasmids directly at . Donor plasmids are sequence verified by Addgene.

We do a lot of quality control on our cell lines- you can see some of this data under the various tabs on each cell line’s page in the Cell Catalog (Genomic Characterization, Cellular Validation, etc…)!!!