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Lamin B1 Segmentation

I am trying to segment Lamin B1 channel. I followed the AICS laminB1 notebook. The cross sections seem decent quality but I am unable to get the top and bottom layers like shown in the example in this page. What can I do to get clean segmentation of top and bottom parts of laminB1. I also tried 3d filament instead of 2d filament, but the suggested 2d filament appears to be better quality.


there are lots of factors that can affect the top and bottom segmentation quality.

first of all, what is the z resolution of your images? Since lamin shells could be very thin, insufficient resolution along z can lead to bad segmentation near top and bottom. If you do a side view of your image in imageJ, you can have some idea about how it looks.

If you need further help, you may post a few examples here, like XY view and YZ view of the image.

Hope it helps.