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Image rotation animation


I was wondering if there was a way to save multiple images as a slideshow or gifs or animations.
Currently I am thinking of manually rotating them slightly and saving separate images which can later be put together in another software such as ImageJ.

I would be very useful to have this as a part of AGAVE for adding to publications etc.

This is definitely a good idea.

What do you think of a button that says “Render Turntable” which automatically rotates the view about a vertical axis and saves a series of renders? I have also been considering a similar button for rendering time-series TIFFs, in which Agave would automatically render each time in the sequence.

Lastly: are you a Python user? would it be interesting if you could script your own animation sequence using Python?

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Hi Dan,

Yes. Having a button such as that will definitely be a great idea.

Yes, I am a Python user. And a script based method would also be of interest.