Downloading Cell Feature Data


I’m new here and I am looking for cell morphology data such that I have a csv where each row is a cell and each column is a shape property(eg. area, perimeter). I don’t know exactly how to search for what I need on quilt…can someone help me?



We have links at the very bottom of Cell Feature Explorer ( linking to our csv data but it’s a large collection of columns that include shape info such as our shape mode values, volume, etc. We do not have a csv with just the columns you mention.



We provide csv files of our single-cell datasets as Janani described, with a large number of columns. The links at the bottom of Cell Feature Explorer are the best way to get it.
Many of the columns are explained in the readme here:

Also, there may be some way within the quilt interface to only pick the columns you want, and export from there. Alternatively you could download the whole file and filter out the columns in Excel or with Python code…

Hi! Thanks for responding!

Are you referring to thee links?

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Yes those are the correct links.

oh ok!

so if I understand correctly, each link leads to a quilt package?

yesterday I downloaded this example file…do you have background for this dataset?

Yes the links are set up to go directly to the csv file contained in the Quilt package. From that link you can either download the CSV or preview it in various ways.

what about the example data in the screenshot I sent?

I believe that csv file is made to accompany the hiPSC Single-Cell Image Dataset v2019.1 that can be viewed in Cell Feature Explorer.

Thanks, mtu2. By ‘background’, do you mean details on the calculated features? Here is the glossary with details on how the features were measured- Glossary of cell features v2 - ALLEN CELL EXPLORER. Please let us know if you have any questions.