Differentiation to other cell types


Have you differentiated these hiPSC cell lines into other cell types than cardiomyocytes? Can you recommend protocols for other differentiations with these cells? I would like to compare the differentiation into different cell types with this cell lines. I’d be particularly interested in differentiation to neurons and to fibroblasts or differentiation to Mesoderm, Endoderm & Ectoderm. If anyone has experience with these cells or protocols for any alternative differentiations they would recommend, this would be very helpful.


Hi Joel,

Here at the Allen, we have only done trilineage differentiation to ensure our lines can differentiate into the three germ layers. Currently, we test trilineage potential using the STEMdiff™ Trilineage Differentiation kit and we follow their protocol. We then collect RNA at day 5 for Mesoderm/Endoderm and day 7 for Ectoderm, and test the following markers, Brachyury, Pax6, and Sox17, respectively, by ddPCR. We have not fully differentiated our lines into different neuronal types. Hope this is helpful, and perhaps as more people join this community they may be able to chime in! Good luck.